At St. Augustine’s Primary School, our Literacy program includes Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Viewing.  It permeates all areas of the curriculum.

In Prep – 2, it is vital to establish strong Literacy foundations.  The Literacy Program is structured daily from 9am – 11am and incorporates 1 hour of reading and 1 hour of writing.  Learning is differentiated to meet the various needs of the students.  Literacy sessions are engaging and can involve, whole class, small groups and independent learning experiences.  Parents are encouraged to assist in the classroom and work with a small group as instructed by the classroom teacher.

As students move into the middle and senior school, Years 3-6, the focus is on the consolidation of literacy skills.  This comprises comprehension strategies, research skills and the development of the framework for critical analysis of reading material, enabling students to access more complex meaning in their learning.

Students are immersed in good literature and become literate as they develop the skills to listen, read, view, write, speak as well as create visual and digital print.  Students are supported by Learning Support Officers as they come to face more difficult tasks.