At St Augustine’s we view Mathematical Learning as important for all children.We provide activities that are varied, challenging and often fun.We know that all children are different and thus cater foindividual abilities, so that all students may reach their full potential. We ask the children to challenge themselves and take risks in order to promote greater and deeper learning. The mathematics classroom at St Augustine’s is a place where students are asked to practice skills, improve mental arithmetic, check that answers are reasonable, analyse problems, justify their methods and answers and share their learning with others. Mistakes are seen as an important pathway to learning. It is via these mistakes, that real and higher level learning occurs. We celebrate the successes of all children at their own level. Our ultimate aim is to create lifelong learners who challenge themselves to develop and apply mathematical knowledge and skills now and in the future.

Teachers are guided by the Victorian Curriculum which covers the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Our data is gained from pre and post testing for each topic along with Progressive Achievement Tests in Mathematics and NAPLAN results. This data is continually used to inform teachers’ planning and to target students’ learning. A daily Number Intervention Program is provided for some students who may be in need of extra assistance. Classroom support is also provided to assist in maths learning. Weekly homework is set in order to reinforce and consolidate skills being learned in the classroom. We encourage parents to engage in their child’s learning through games, using everyday opportunities to reinforce skills, discussing solutions to real life problems and to supervise homework.

Number Intervention Program

Is an Intervention Program dealing specifically with the Number and Algebra component of the Mathematics Curriculum.  Students are assessed and selected according to their needs. Once selected for the Program, students work in small groups or independently with the Number Intervention teacher for 30 minute sessions, four times per week for a Semester.

 The topics covered include;

·         Number words and numerals

·         Structuring Numbers 1-20

·         Conceptual Place Value

·         Addition and Subtraction to 100

·         Multiplicative Strategies

·         Multiplication Basic Facts

 The Program is based on the work of Dr Bob Wright’s extensive research and development work in Mathematics Recovery Intervention.