The Arts 

Semester 1, has been a terrific one in all areas of The Arts!  Students  have produced some great Art work. The Foundation year and Yrs 1 and 2  have been learning basic art and craft skills and learned new or revised safety procedures during Art sessions. The Yrs 3-6 have been learning about artists such as  the English painter L.S. Lowry and the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.  They have studied the techniques of these artists and have worked on their own art pieces using the techniques used by these painters.

The  Foundation year students have designed and drawn pictures for their art folios, learned some new paper folding skills and made  colourful jellyfish to take home to adorn the household.   The Yr 1/2 classes have been working on more complicated paper folding skills are using these as decorations for their ‘Gonks,’ using Styrofoam  blocks as a base.  Their colourful ‘Butterflies” are adorning the Art Room. Great fun! 

The school has entered  students’ Art work  in several Art competitions this year.  Works for an International  Art competition for The Oslo Children’s Museum Art Prize.  The Oslo competition was open to all Australian students , as well as students from 180 countries around the world. Our entries must have an Australian theme.  The students’ work was also entered in the Inaugural Footscray Art Prize.

During Music and Drama sessions, students have sung and danced their way during the music component  and been exceptionally ‘dramatic’ while performing drama scenario. The senior students learn about  Shakespeare’s plays through a children’s abridged version set of books. They also learn techniques and stagecraft which they use in scenario. Students listen to a variety of both Classical and Contemporary composers and articulate their preferences . They also learn about the history of the composers both classical and contemporary, such as Eric Satie, Wolfgang  Amadeus Mozart, Ravel, Rachmaninov and Sibelius, to name a few.

The school boasts two school choirs. They sing magnificently during both Mass and school assemblies.  Choir is a  voluntary activity and the students come along during the Friday afternoon “ Power Hour.”  As well as learning new songs for Mass and assemblies they sing and dance to their favourite pop songs. They have a great deal of fun during these sessions.