St Augustine’s School Enrolment Policy


As stated in the CEM Enrolment Policy:

Once a child becomes a member of the Catholic Church through Baptism, the parents and the Church have a commitment towards its new member. One of the obligations is to give the child the opportunity to be educated as a Catholic.

At St. Augustine’s we believe that parents are the first educators of their children and that Catholic Schools exist to support the decision of parents to educate their children in the Catholic faith.


· To ensure that all children of the Catholic Faith in our local area have access to a Catholic Education.

· To support parents in their role as first educators of their children.

· To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both students and the school. 


All children who are eligible to attend a Victorian Government school are welcome to submit an Application for Enrolment. All students enrolling at our school will be required to provide a Birth Certificate, an Immunisation Certificate and a Baptism Certificate. 

Minimum Age a child must be at least 5 years old by the 30th of April during the year in which admission is sought. 

Preference for admission will be given according to the following criteria: 

Families that have a connection to the school, eg, Siblings of current and past students, Catholic children who live within the boundary of St. Augustine’s Parish, Catholic children of current staff members,Catholic Children transferring from another Catholic Primary school/Catholic children from outside the Parish area. Particularly those students who have pastoral needs i.e. students will be cared for by carers living in the Parish boundaries or family members work in the local area. Non-Catholic children living within the Parish boundaries. Non-Catholic children living outside the Parish boundaries. 

It should be noted, for non-Catholic families, that transfer from another Catholic school does not automatically follow that enrolment at St. Augustine’s school will be accepted. 

A condition of enrolment for students of families from other religions is that parents applying for enrolment at a Catholic school must be aware of the nature and ethos of the school and undertake that the nature, life and identity of the Catholic school will be respected. 

The following Criteria are not used in the enrolment process 

1. The ability of parents to pay school fees is not used as a criterion for enrolling a Catholic student in St. Augustine’s school. It should be noted, however, that all families sign an agreement to make some financial contribution to the education of their children. 

2. Academic criteria are not used to exclude Catholic students from St. Augustine’s school. 

The Enrolment Process 

For Prep Enrolments: 

Enrolment Applications for Prep are accepted at any time before July in the year prior to starting at the school. 

An Offer of Enrolment is made in writing with a Response Form required to be completed and returned by the due date. Enrolments are not confirmed until the Response Form is received. 

A follow up information meeting for parents occurs in December. 

Children attend an orientation morning.

 For Enrolments at other levels: 

Enrolments at other levels are accepted throughout the year as families move into the area and according to availability of places. Catholic children living within the Parish boundary and transferring from another catholic primary school are a priority.

An initial interview takes place with the Principal after the Enrolment Form has been completed. 

An Offer is made which, when accepted results in a start date being negotiated. 

As a matter of courtesy, contact may be made with the current school of any child requesting enrolment to St. Augustine’s. This occurs prior to enrolment and again when the child has started at the school. 

*Catholic is defined as one who has received Baptism in the Catholic Church or Eastern Rite Church in communion with the Apostolic. A Certificate of Baptism is required as proof, a copy will be kept on record. 


Taken from St Augustine's Enrolment Policy 2017