St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

Vision and Mission


 Our commitment to all members of our school community arises from the importance   we place upon Jesus Christ and his teachings of love, justice, human dignity,    forgiveness, joy and compassion.


 We long to build a truly faithful Community:

  •  Where we enable all children to feel connected to school and find it a safe, nurturing place where they are seen as important and capable.
  • Where we celebrate and encourage diversity in our community, school and classrooms.
  • Where we encourage learning to be a lifelong process for all and where we can make positive contributions to our world.
  •  Where we provide positive school and classroom cultures where children are central and where each individual is valued.
  •  Where we are active participants of the St Augustine’s Parish.
  •  Where we work to build relationships and where respect for self, others and all things is central.  

Democratic Principles 

St Augustine's parish school delivers its programs and teaching in a manner that supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy. This includes a commitment to: the principles and practice of Australian democracy; the elected government; the rule of law; equal rights for all before the law; freedom of religion; freedom of speech and association; and values of openness and tolerance.